Tweekly Summary from 2010-10-17

  • "we can't have an educational system focused entirely on the occasional Mandelbrot but…" #edchat #
  • Sad news: Mandelbrot resembles the big fractal in the sky: #
  • Eat less meat, save the planet? Livestock nears sustainability limit #
  • Great variety of products at #specialneedsldn Sadly only one example of #foss and #oer at #
  • Love the metaphor of beta-knowledge: "Prototyping cultures: social experimentation, DIY science and beta-knowledge" #
  • A very promising service of all the .io kind: Great for teaching webdesign as a simple alternative to Diigo. #edtech #
  • "A person can be a total dunce at one thing (and get slaughtered for it on LanguageLog) while being brilliant at another" #
  • This sounds like an important book to redress the balance for/con Mead in popular press: "The Trashing of Margaret Mead" #
  • Compulsory viewing. How to make death by PowerPoint a bit sweeter. #edtech #edchat #
  • Exciting news for Evernote on Android. But monthly $5/mo for local storage is more than a little steep #
  • This teasing by #Zotero of the long awaited standalone version is becoming unseemly. Bring on the Alpha. #
  • RT @dancohen: Starting to wonder what the American Historical Association meeting would look like if the panels were voted on like SXSW … #
  • @Downes Also, learning and education are not subject to the same theory. The weak point is a theory of how learning results in education. in reply to Downes #
  • @Downes Historically, looking for the one good theory of learning/education has resulted in misery for teachers and (some) students. in reply to Downes #
  • Does the annexation of the commons in 1600s discussed in this podcast foreshadow the future of freedom on the net? #

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