Tweekly Summary from 2010-10-10

  • I feel that GoodleDocs have taken a step and a half back for every step forward. Docs looking like pages are no good without zoom. #edtech #
  • Illustration how study skills instruction can be too successful for someone's own good. #edchat #
  • RT @temperedradical: Thought provoking. Thnx RT @kdwashburn: Love this from @johntspencer, The Myth of a Creative Class: #
  • Profound implications for education theory: "geniuses tend to only be geniuses on one subject" #edchat #
  • "Humbolt: any thought can be expressed in any language: <This should always be prefaced by "with enough effort" #engchat #
  • Important question is based on iffy data. "How can we change students' relationships with information?" #edtech #edchat #
  • Drupal Commons isn't dependent on using Drupal | Acquia #
  • Open Tweet to Android App Developers: I love to buy apps but I won't pay for one that does not install to an SD card. #android #apps #
  • Randomize twice, reform once! >"social norming can be extremely sensitive to small changes in initial conditions" #edchat #
  • Think before you reform: "Peer pressure, selection, and educational reform" #edchat #
  • "what many of us take for granted with computers seems like absolute voodoo to many other people" #edtech #

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