Tweekly Summary from 2010-10-03

  • Excellent summary of programming: "Every programming language is, fundamentally, a way of encoding logic." #edtech #
  • Another #Drupal distro with great potential Configured with semantic markup for scientific communities. #
  • @ebodeux Cheating is a feature of schooling not learning. Cheaters could still be learning or learning something more important. #edchat in reply to ebodeux #
  • To live by: In any model you "have to make assumptions to generalize your inferences beyond the population under study." #
  • "It's only at school that collaboration is called cheating." — Walter Bender of #edchat #edtech #
  • "many enterprise IT decisionmakers acknowledge that the world is changing-but deny that they are part of that same world" #
  • Roman Jakobson: "Languages differ essentially in what they must convey and not in what they may convey." #ellchat #
  • Cumulative radicalization: "At each point, the next step makes sense but the entire journey ends up looking irrational." #
  • Installed IE9 beta and got asked to restart my system. So nothing's really changed! Microsoft up to its old nonsense. #edtech #
  • Should we rename psychology to undergrad psychology? #
  • Better but still needs work: More tools for viewing document revisions in Google Docs Blog #
  • Open-Source Search: Application Centric and a Way to Big Data #
  • Semanticians take note! "Not everyone has an equal say in determining what words mean." #engchat #
  • Essential for linguists, teachers, learners: "Not everyone has an equal say in determining what words mean." #engchat #
  • Studying Chinese history is now probably more important than studying our own. So much needless prejudice and ignorance: #
  • Metaphor: "In scholarly publishing the Big Deal is predicated on packaging waste & creating the perception of efficiency" #
  • RT @digitaleffie: Wow. Metadata for movement from U. of Virginia, ARTeFACT Movement Thesaurus, #sug2010 #
  • "Microsoft Replacing Windows Live Spaces with" > Next, replace Windows with Ubuntu! #
  • Popularity without a business model apparently not enough: Xmarks Shutting Down in January 2011 #edtech #
  • "Lexical chunks may've entered the house of language teaching..but they shouldn't be given the run of the place" #ellchat #
  • Linguistic research via cartoon #engchat via @languagelog and #nsfw #
  • Now I know what I want for Christmas: Thing-O-Matic 3D printer: #
  • Things looking good for ebooks. Two Kindle owners on the same bench waiting for a local train in UK. #edtech #

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