Tweekly Summary from 2010-08-22

  • Pražské jaro or Prague Spring was stamped out on this day in 1968 by Warsaw Pact armies invading Czechoslovakia . #
  • "The Magnificent Seven" was entitled in Czech "Sedm statečných" (Seven of the brave or Seven braves) #funfactfriday #
  • "devět" = nine in #Czech #
  • Want to see how professional translators translate words and phrases from and into #Czech Try MyMemory #
  • False Friend Wednesday: "Solidní" doesn't mean "solid" in #Czech It means "respectable" when applied to a person. #
  • Czech has two words for 'an illiterate': "analfabet" & "negramota" but only one for 'literacy': "gramotnost". Neither perfect translations. #
  • "Neděle" = Sunday, "Pondělí" = Monday, "po neděli" = after Sunday in #Czech Coincidence? #

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