Tweekly Summary from 2010-08-15

  • How do people pronounce Prague? RT @chandapan: My mother just pronounced Prague, ''preg!'' #
  • Seems quite low RT @beinghuman: The Economist: 'Over 60% of Czechs never attend religious service' #
  • "Pátek třináctého" or "Friday the 13th" has the same bad luck connocations in #Czech as it does in English. #funfactfriday #
  • Two in #Czech is either "dva" or "dvě" depending on the Gender: "dva muži" (2 men) , "dvě ženy" (2 women), "dvě piva" (2 beers) #
  • "čas" = "time" but "what time is it" = "kolik je hodin" (how many hours is it?) in #czech #
  • "země" = earth, floor, ground in #Czech #
  • "zodpovědný" means "responsible", "odpověď" means "answer", i.e. s/he who will answer – very apt! #
  • @Samyania Czech 'r' is a consonant 'rok' (year) that can take the place of a vowel 'krk' (neck). 'ř' is a different letter/sound. #
  • RT @Samyania: Czech, why even use the letter 'r' when the sound it makes has nothing to do with 'r'? Why not use a different letter? #
  • Cognate Monday: Anybody guess what the word "škola" means in #Czech #

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