Tweekly Summary from 2010-08-08

  • For the academic. A guide to transcribing #Czech phonetically. #
  • oko = eye – no kidding, this word is a palindrome in both #czech and #english A definite #funfact #
  • @czechoffthebeat Spot on! Přesně! #
  • svátek = name day Czechs a name day in addition to birthday. Today is the svátek of Dominik: 'Všechno nejlepší k svátku Dominiku' '#czech #
  • Can you guess what "šoumen" means in Czech? #
  • "Seznam" means 'a list' in #Czech is the most popular Czech search engine that started out as – you guessed it – a list. #
  • "Jedem" means 'Let's go' in #Czech But it also means 'we are going' or in the right context 'by poison' as in "otrava jedem" (poisoing) #

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